Stretch Mark Cream 500 ml


Prevents the formation of new stretch marks and repairs existing ones thanks to the exclusive formula rich in Regu®-Stretch.

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The carefully selected natural ingredients immediately perform:

Regenerating action: stimulates the synthesis process of elastin fibers and repairs skin damage, visibly reducing red and white stretch marks
Elasticizing action: makes the skin more “resistant” to the proteolytic attack of elastase and decreases the formation of stretch marks
Moisturizing and Nourishing Action: keeps the skin soft and velvety
Antioxidant and protective action of skin tissues
Visibly Reduces Red Stretch Marks by 98%
Smooths White Stretch Marks by 85%
Facilitates skin healing without leaving marks
Makes the skin more elastic and soft, preventing the formation of stretch marks
Its effectiveness is guaranteed and tested on every part of the body in particular on:


How to use:

Apply in moderate quantities with a gentle massage until completely absorbed, morning and evening on the parts of the body affected by imperfections. It can be used during pregnancy and lactation, away from feeding, avoiding direct application on the nipples.