Instant Bags and Dark Circles Serum 15 ml


In just 2 minutes “Magic Eye” literally acts UNDER YOUR EYES !!!

Forget BAGS and DARK CIRCLES: its unique formulation will work from the first seconds to stretch and cover them, with an effect that will last for hours. Once applied, the serum dries in seconds and creates an invisible film that stretches the skin.

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The ingredients it contains promote a botox effect action.

But its effect is not just appearance: the active ingredients of this magical serum will also work to rejuvenate and tone the skin application after application, for a real and concrete effect over time.

How to Apply:

Squeeze a small amount of product between your fingers, rubbing it between your thumb and forefinger until you get a uniform veil. Then apply under the eyes by tapping, thus covering the entire affected area. Leave on for 2 minutes remaining motionless.

It is recommended to apply the eye contour or daily face cream first.