Magic Mask Neck&Chin Kit


Designed to immediately see the skin of your neck and the sub-chin part lifted and more toned.

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The Magic Neck & Chin kit will amaze you with exceptional and immediately visible results!

1- Specific mask, rich in antioxidant elements, collagen and straightening peptides. The mask itself is designed to exert pressure that facilitates the absorption of the mix of active ingredients and stimulates the chin as a specific massage would do.

2- Massage cream. To be applied in the area where the mask was placed, then spreading it, with an energetic massage from the bottom up, to the whole neck.

Active principles:

Uplevity ™ to combat skin sagging .
Firmiderm to strengthen the elasticity and tone of the skin.

A kit includes 2 masks and a jar of cream, needed to cover a week of treatment. (allow 3 days to pass between one application and another)

The first results will already be visible after the first application but it is recommended, to obtain a lasting result, to repeat the complete treatment at least 3 times.

Instructions for Use:

1- Apply the mask, stretching it as needed, until it covers the entire area of ​​the chin

2- Leave on for at least 15 minutes

3- Apply the cream to the treated area and all over the neck, with an energetic massage from the bottom up


2 masks X10 ml 1 cream of 25 ml.