Kit Remise en Forme


Three actions in seven days and you will notice your skin and shape completely transformed. The synergistic action of the active ingredients present in all the products help to remodel and drain all the excess accumulated in the summer.

A constant treatment allows you to see results over the course of 3-4 weeks.

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How to use:

1: Perform a total body scrub before taking a daily shower. Inside the scrub there are: Himalaya Salt, Sea Salt, Bergamot Oil, Mint Oil. The exfoliating action helps the penetration of the active ingredients by decreasing the skin layer damaged by the sun.

2: Apply a few drops of pure synergy with Phosphatidylcholine to the most critical areas, it will help dissolve and remodel the most persistent and difficult adiposities. Massage vigorously until the synergy is completely absorbed.

3: Only for the first application, apply the three bandages, starting from the ankles to the waistline. The function of the bandage will have a shock effect on your body by breaking the bonds of adiposity and draining. Put on the onesie and hold on for at least 20 minutes

4: Apply the Triphasic cream on the entire treated area. massage until completely absorbed.

Composition of the Kit:

1 Exfoliating Body Scrub 250 ml

1 Pure Phosphatidylcholine Synergy 50 ml

3 Draining Body Wraps 100 ml

1 Triphasic Body Cream 250 ml

1 Disposable Cartene Trousers

Active Product:

Exfoliating Scrub: Himalaya Salt, Sea Salt, Bergamot Oil, Mint Oil.

Phosphatidylcholine Synergy: Pure Phosphatidylcholine

Draining Bandage: Centella, Gin-Seng, Guarana

Triphasic Body Cream: Phosphatidylcholine, Dead Sea Salt, Regu-Slim

Cellulite and skin imperfections are processes caused by malfunctions of the microcirculation, which leads to an alteration in the metabolism of the connective tissue and the impairment of vascular permeability. The connective tissue can be weakened by insufficient physical exercise and, therefore, by the lack of muscle tone, excess fat and poor circulation. What we can take for sure, therefore, is that the problem is not related to the presence of toxins in our body.

The Remise en forme Kit solves aesthetic problems in a short time, if combined with proper nutrition and sports activity.