Magic Lips


Lip cream with filler effect. With a plumping effect, rich in hyaluronic acid and the most innovative peptides with an immediate tightening effect, this formulation will give you fuller and larger lips from the very first applications, also working to counteract the “bar code effect” ”Given by the small wrinkles around the lips.

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The product is 100% natural, there are no contraindications and it can be a valid alternative to aesthetic medicine.

Hyaluronic acid spheres make lips appear toned and plumped.

Active principles:

– PEPHA TIGHT – It is a purified extract, obtained from a micro alga combined with a fraction of biotechnological polysaccharides (Pullulan). It provides an instant straightening effect on the skin and acts in the long term, protecting cells from oxidative stress and stimulating the formation of collagen. It acts with an immediately perceptible lifting-straightening effect.

– SYN-TACKS – It is a firming and lasticizing peptide.

– HYALURONIC ACID – It is a substance naturally present in the body that stimulates the formation of collagen and connective tissue and reactivates cellular function. Thanks to this substance the cells bind, absorb water and consequently increase the volume of the lips , fills and smoothes wrinkles.

Suitable for all ages.

How to use:

Apply 2-3 times a day the filler cream in moderate quantity on the lips using the special dispenser or with your fingers, massage until completely absorbed. To enhance the recommended effect immediately after applying the ph-reactive Lip Balm to make your lips plump and pink.