Skin Spot Whitening Cream 50 ml


Ideal cream to counteract dark spots and to prevent their formation.

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Cream based on Kojic Acid (Kojic Acid), a natural substance produced by some fungi of the genus “Aspergillus” and “Penicillum”.

This has a depigmenting activity, since it removes the melanin already present in the epidermis and above all inhibits its further synthesis as it blocks the transformation of Tyrosine into Melanin.

The formulation also contains Glycolic Acid which enhances the whitening action of the cream by promoting the exfoliation of epithelial cells.

Panthenol and Shea Butter ‘have a healing and soothing action on the treated skin.


It is a product that acts on skin spots both on the face and on other parts of the body. Eliminates the excess of keratinized surface cells and promotes their renewal.

Instructions for Use:

It is recommended to apply it to the affected points twice a day. It is massaged gently, avoiding contact with the eyes.

External use only.